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New Practice Members

When you walk into Total Health Chiropractic, we want you to feel right at home. We’ve focused on making our space one of complete relaxation for you. You can leave all your worries at the door and know that this is your time to heal and get the attention you need.

Getting Started

The new practice member paperwork can be found on our website, printed out and brought in with you completed. Otherwise, you can fill out forms when you arrive. After you’re done, our chiropractic assistant will escort you back to the examination room. You’ll meet Dr. Taylor, then discuss what has brought you to us. Dr. Taylor will talk more about what he does and what he’s looking for during your examination.

We’ll take X-rays of you to wrap up your first appointment. If Dr. Taylor doesn’t think that we’re the best place for you, he’ll point you in the right direction.

At your second appointment, you’ll sit down with Dr. Taylor to discuss the findings from your examination. You’ll learn what the cause of your problem is and how we think we can help. Your financial information will be reviewed. Then, you can decide if you’re ready to start care. You’ll be here for 15-30 minutes, including your chiropractic adjustment.

Once you have decided to continue with care, your follow-up visits will take about 10-15 minutes. You’ll do some exercises, then have your adjustment with Dr. Taylor.

Our New Patient Special

For just $47, you’ll receive a consultation, examination, X-rays (if needed) and have a report of findings with Dr. Taylor. Contact us today to get scheduled!

New Practice Members | (608) 400-1271